A downloadable Tech Demo for Windows

So you think you can ride Dragons?

With this nifty tech demo you can! Steer your dragon around a map, collecting yellow orbs and avoiding obstacles. 

Make sure to watch the trailer, and try it out;

(Disclaimer: requires an HTC Vive)

Install instructions

Plug and Play!

  • Place Data folder and EXE in a folder in desired location (EG. Desktop)

  • Place a chair in the centre of your VR play area.

  • Run EXE and put on VR headset.


  • Click either Touch Pad on your HTC Vive controllers (#1 in diagram below) to recenter the camera, if you find yourself always turning or tilting in one direction.

    • (This does not fix your rotation. If facing the wrong way, turn until the dragon’s head is in front of you.)

  • Click the grip on your Right HTC Vive controller (#8 in diagram below) to tell your dragon to fly forwards.

  • Click the grip on your Left HTC Vive controller (#8 in diagram below) to tell your dragon to stop flying.

  • Steer your dragon by leaning your body.

Current compatibility with HTC Vive.


DragonVRSim_01_04_Data.zip 128 MB

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